Life through an iPhone

Sometimes we get everything for granted, don’t we? Especially when it comes to technology. We live through laptops and iPhones. Yes, I love Apple and I couldn’t imagine my life without it – and no, I am not talking about the fruit.
I “devoured” The History of the Internet in a Nutshell and everything written, every fact, every step has blown me away. We went from a gigantic machine with only one function, to the tiniest of the tiniest smartphones we use for … living? Like littterally, you can do everything with an iPhone, and give it another year, you might want to cut a slice of pizza with it. But the most interesting fact I read is the project Gutenberg and the birth of eBooks which in a few words: a university student called Michael Hart had access to computer blocks and started thinking about these as containers to store information and data which led shortly after to a what-so-called eBook (which later led to massive use of the e-mails). I mean, I can barely think about my outfit of the day. So do you agree that we live through technology or are you still related to traditional ways of communication?



  1. Sadly, but I agree. We are definitely interacting through technology more than in the past or sometimes even using the actual words. A fact – I am using the computer to post my comment. However, I do believe that it has a bright side too. Contacting your relatives and friends without online world or phone would be relatively hard, don’t you think?


  2. I am going to start by saying you are not alone in your love for Apple (not the fruit). It is obvious that they revolutionized the market with the iPhone and their stocks went to the moon.
    And I also agree with Ieva, I am also writing my comment from the computer, it is just easier. I do believe we live in a digital world, whether someone accepts it or not. If you do not adapt to this world you may not socially survive. Isn’t it true?


  3. I liked your way of thinking and in fact we do live “through technology” or to be more specific through an iPhone. Just taking myself for example, it feels like an iPhone is my shadow. It follows me everywhere I go- whenever I put alarm on it in the morning, when I listen to music on Spotify while taking a shower, or when I am texting to my loved ones, and even using my iPhone as a torch when I need some light…And this is just some basic examples, that I guess everyone may relate to. Even though I am still related to the traditional ways of communication, like going to the park or playing cards with my friends, but even at that times my iPhone would still be “by my side”.


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