I found it interesting that a big part in the internets history is thanks to the US Military, although it doesn’t surprise me because even though the US is a young country they often beat others in terms of technology. Even more interesting is the rivalry between Russia and the US being the motivational factor that pushed America start something so innovative.
One of our readings The History of the Internet in a Nutshell made me think a lot about how universities are involved in big social changes such as the Internet. Universities all over the world are known for providing breakthrough research, so this shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone. Although I do wonder why certain US universities used the platform before others, for example the Ivy League universities were not the first to use the Internet and I wonder why this is.
I also thought it was quite endearing to see examples of what old web pages look like, as I remember when I first got the Internet things still looked like that. It’s amazing how things have developed so quickly during our time using the World Wide Web.


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  1. I also find the huge differences between the first web pages and the web pages we use today shocking. I actually wrote my post on this because I feel like our generation can’t even imagine the internet as the text-based platform it used to be. No pictures, no videos. Now it seems so natural that we go online and we become a part of the multimedia-based communication system offered by the web. It is interesting to think about whether or not the internet would be as popular as it is today if it hadn’t gone through these developments.


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