In today’s modern, developed world it is almost impossible to imagine our life’s without the Internet. As a person who was born to it, I have never actually thought about its history and it’s a shame because now it is the main platform for almost everything whether it is for communication, education or entertainment.

What really fascinates me about the history of the Internet is how from a room size computer we are now able to access the data in the hands of our fingertips. It is known to us as 3G which is described as development and evolution of the GSM, which was conceived in the early 80’s. It was an essential that 13 countries would corporate and share their knowledge before the network went live in 1991 for the very first time.

Comparing to the development of the internet now, the 1G and 2G network was being slow and there was many issues with excess traffic handling ability, lack of network security and cost of deployment.

3G runs on completely different set of frequencies and this is when we could see mobile internet reach its full potential. With previous network it was something incredible to just send a text or a picture, however 3G took it to a new level and made it possible to have a conversation with someone on the other side of the world and be able to see them.

It’s so difficult to imagine how the internet will develop even more in the future as there is so much to it already or maybe it has already reached its full potential?



  1. I very much agree with how it is a shame that we was born in to the Internet and do not know life without it as we solely rely on it whereas the older generation had lives without it and survived! I don’t think the internet has reached its fully potential yet as I believe (even though I don’t like the idea) that cinemas and theatre will not exist in the future aswell as newspapers and CDs because we will be able to access them all online.


  2. I’m not sure that the internet will ever be at full potential. As the internet develops and the more stuff put up online gets quicker we are creating technologies to keep up with it. Odd to think that the internet was pushed into development by technology, and now technology is trying to keep up with it.


  3. I found your post very intresting because, I also have been used to the internet being a part of my life since an early age, and have nerver thought of its evolution from broadband to what we know as 3G and lately even 4G.
    What really caught my attention, is that for the GSM to become public, 13 countries had to cooporate which shows us that technology and the development of society is also based on good communication and cooporation between countries.Regarding your question I doubt that there will be a great technological revolution regarding the internet but I do think that the internet speed will be incresead.


  4. I think it is always difficult to imagine our future but I do not think that the evolution of the Internet has stopped.
    For ordinary citizens who do not specialise in the Internet, the Internet seems to make little progress even if it actually make remarkable advances. They might not care so much about the details of the Internet as long as it is connected comfortably. On the other hand, specialists including creative artists, programmers and so on, may receive a large gain due to the technological development so they may realise the technological changes and demand further development of the Internet.
    To sum up, I think the Internet will continue to improve their potential but this may sometimes happen without awareness of the users.


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