Coexisting or not?

The Internet history is a strange one. The Internet was born as a mean of war during a paradoxically violent/non-violent era. The Internet spread due to a rising academic exchange and freedom levels. All these characteristics create a contradictory story that resembles a complex but real life as the Internet one is.

To me what caught the most my attention in “Misunderstanding the Internet” (Curran, 2012) is not a whole paragraph, it is a link between two paragraphs.

The Internet was created as a war device to create a network in case of Soviet attack, which is the most predictable option considering 1957 and the so called non-friendly relationship between USA and USSR.

But this initial development did not lead the Internet to have a mass-diffusion, because it is not the best thing spreading weapons or intelligence tools as we all know.

What made the difference was an academic interest in that new device that could give a freedom and fast data exchange chances that lead to a real but late diffusion.

This double nature in between control and non-control still exists today, for instance considering PRISM US programme. This past nature is even showed from something that is not Western as North Korean operative system “Red Star”.

Which nature is the dominant one, war and control or a sort of social exchange?


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