Computers as a part of the history

Inventing computers has offered the opportunity for the Internet to be eventually created, therefore I would like to look at the history of the device, which allows us to enjoy the perks of the Internet. Can you believe, that some decades ago “…you could park a school bus inside the computer”? And yes, this is how enormous the first computer ever was. Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or simply ENIAC, was built at the University of Pennsylvania. It is clear, that this machine back in the forties has not been designed for reading this blog post as you are doing now, but advances in technology do miracles! The original purpose of the computer though was “to do ballistics calculations for the U.S. military during World War II”.

I find it crazy, how the computer world has dramatically developed, and how computers became “personal”. Back in time, only “clever ones” could access the computers, such as engineers and scientists, but today computers are available to purchase to most of us. Now, imagine this thirty tons machine-ENIAC- in front of you instead of the laptop you are likely to be using and think how combination of PC and the Internet makes our lives easier. Lastly, would you agree that without the computers, the Internet perhaps would never exist?



  1. I do believe without computers the internet wouldn’t exist. I also believe that without developing the personal computers the internet would be completely different. If we think about how the platforms that rule the digital world today (Facebook, Google, Twitter..) function we can notice that they are all set up and developed in a way that they become integrated into the everyday life of all of us as much as possible. However, if the personal computers had never been developed, in my opinion, it would not have been necessary to make the internet user-friendly. Those huge computers would still only be used by scientists and perhaps universities but I’m sure they would use it to like each others pictures. I believe, the internet would have developed only in the field of scientific, and academic research because if the majority of society would be offline the things we use the internet for today wouldn’t matter.


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