Contradictions of internet history.

When reading Misunderstanding the internet by James Curran, I found a quote that was really interesting. ‘…. All great thinkers about democracy said that the key to democracy is access to information. And now we have a chance to get personal information into people’s hands like never before.’ However, when we actually look at the internet today, this statement is controversial in some cases. For example, the United States which is a democracy wants to charge Edwin Snowden for breaching the Espionage Act. However, should he really be charged for giving the public access to information on how they are under surveillance? On the other hand, the second part is true in that people have a chance to get personal information of others very easily.

Historically the internet was seen as bringing power to the people. However, if we use Egypt as an example, they started their revolution in 2011 with the help of social media where they communicated with each other and shared content. Fast forward now to 2016, if a person has a large following and they criticize the government they are arrested like Islam Gawish for example. At first it brought power to the people and they felt free to express their views, however, it seems that people power is decreasing whereas government and corporate power over the internet is increasing.




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