History of mobile communications

The Internet, what would our world look like without it? Ever since it’s earliest development in 50’s and 60’s and current/ongoing improvement, this cyberspace has drastically changed our perception and view of the world.  No doubt it is the main reason for the globalization of our planet and is the main medium people nowadays are communicating.

Nowadays everyone can be freely connected to the Internet. There are thousands of suppliers offering different speeds of your connection. There is one side of the Internet I find quite interesting and that is the development of the mobile Internet we all have on our smartphones.

In 1980’s was introduced the first generation mobile communication (1G) consisting of radio waves. Later on, in 1991 was released the 2G network operating on digital waves. That is also when SMS and MMS were first introduced. The third generation of mobile communication allows users a connection at a higher speed (up to several Mbit/s). The latest and fastest mobile communication – 4G allows us to play HD videos, download, surf across the Web at almost the same speed as in the comfort of our routers in our homes.

Though we have many more things to discuss about the history and development of mobile networking, these are the main technologies through the years. Will there be a fifth generation in the following years? I will leave the comments to you my dear reader.


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