I googled about Google

Less than 50 years ago internet was definitely not the same thing as we all see it today. Looking back to the history of the internet, makes me wonder ‘how is it possible, that it has been less than 50 years?’ From an enormous machine that could do only one ‘task’ at the time, to something that we relate our lifetime to.

For instance, our great and beloved Google. One of the early versions, could process 30-50 pages per second. Now – millions of pages. In the past, the data of the Google was small enough to fit in 4GB hard drives. Now, we are living in a petabyte age. What comes next?

People will always want to have more, of what we truly need. The main point is right here, how much more do we need? The amount of data that travels all around the world is enormous. No one has figured the actual size of the galaxy yet, and I believe that in the following 50 years we won’t find a way to compile the worldwide data.

Anderson in the book “The end of Theory” said:  “more is different”, but is ‘more’ always ‘better’?








  1. It’s actually very interesting to see the progress we are going through … day by day. We’re always evolving, always experimenting new things. we always want more, and when my 5-year-old cousin asked me an iPad for his birthday – that’s the best example on what’s going on with humanity now. It’s natural now to ask for more. is that a good thing though? I’m not sure. It helps in some ways, it’s dangerous in others. Don’t you think?


  2. My mind is blown by just trying to imagine the process of even coming up with the idea of the Internet, let alone constantly improving it and having more to it. Google plays such an important role in today’s world, and without it, it’s impossible to search for non academic information. I don’t think people will ever stop wanting more because we are so used to the fact that everything is always developing and upgrading.


  3. It’s really interesting you say what do we need in our internet society. I think we all have what we need because we are fulfilling our basic needs, like socialization and food . Now society is constructing other “fake” needs that now we believe are basic ones, it is strictly bond to society development. As you said more is different and now we have more needs that to me are fake ones.


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