Internet Is For Everyone

The Internet is something many people use every single day for many different reasons. From a massive machine in a controlled temperature room to a tiny smartphone, accessing the Internet has come a long way. ‘The Internet And Now’ intrigued me every step of the way; one of the most interesting things I found was in 1957 computers could only do one task at a time, which was called batch processing. Nowadays we are used to having multiple tabs and windows up at the same time, I can admit to having several tabs and windows on the go to the stage where everything gets confusing.

Something surprising I learnt was about programming computers. Punchcards was the way. This process was very time consuming there is no way I could sit there and be able to do it without getting distracted.

‘Misunderstanding The Internet’ brought up an interesting point of how the Internet “mediates” us. From looking at a timeline of the history it is clear to see that we are now revolving our lives around it. The reading also showed a clear link between the Internet and a playground in which the Internet has its positives and negatives.

I found a short video that helped me to review the subject in a minute that I found helpful.

So will the Internet have taken over in 10 years time or will we still be writing letters?


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