Internet Without the World Wide Web?

To me the most surprising fact about the history of the internet is that compared to the omnipresence it has today, the World Wide Web arrived relatively late, in 1991. It is logical and obvious that the development of the internet did not start with the web, however, this got me thinking.
When my generation thinks about the internet it automatically imagines it as the modern web we use today, as the seemingly limitless information easily accessible through the user-friendly browsers of our time. For my age group it is natural that navigating online is simple with the modern search engines and that going online means checking what happened on Facebook first and then proceeding to doing whatever we originally wanted to do. Thus, I decided to do further research on what the internet was like before the web. I found an interesting article written by a man who has been using the internet since the 70s’. According to him, the internet before the web was entirely text-based and “not pretty at all”. However, the multimedia communication we are used today is not the only feature we can thank to Tim Berners Lee, creator of the web. The World Wide Web also gave us the hypertext techniques that connect everything online making it easy for users to access the information they are looking for.
The web clearly changed the usage and the users of the internet. Where would the internet be today without the web? Where will the web be after another 15 years of constant development?



  1. I would say that I fully agree with your statement. I have been thinking about the ‘evolution’ of the Internet and we can clearly see how it has massively developed after the world wide web. Furthermore, I believe that it is going to develop extremely in the following years, because people are becoming more and more demanding on it, so we would find a way to make it of even more usage. Even though, some of us may argue that we are becoming addicted to the usage of the Internet and it may have a negative influence on us,I believe people would continue to take advantage of it and develop hand in hand with it.


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