A playground is where kids have the freedom to let go and just express themselves through the games they play, or the conversations they carry out amongst each other. It is  a place where they are able to develop their social skills. Also you could argue that the playground creates some form of community, as it brings the kids together. Does this not reflect to how the internet is in today’s society?

One thing that may seem surprising, is that  the first most known form of social media was in 1997 called Six Degrees, where people were able to upload a profile and make friends with other users. As time went on, the world of social media began to evolve and in the 20th century the high percentage of people across the world using social media began to be part of the new revolution.

This new system of communication has given individuals more power. As social media such as Facebook and twitter have given people the freedom to voice their opinion. It also creates a sense of community. Where with Facebook you can create groups that people are free to join, to support specific campaigns. This  leads to the question on whether new revolution has loss the control of society, due to the freedom the internet gives us?



  1. You’ve made a really good point here, I think social media does create a sense of community. And as to your question I don’t think that the new age has lost control of society. People were meeting and conspiring decades before the internet was even a possibility. The Internet may have given us a new sense of freedom, but it’s not like we didn’t have any freedom before – it’s just a bigger space now


  2. I liked the point you made and the analogy, comparing the playground to social media, which I think is true because as humans one of our basic needs is to be part of a community.
    The fact about the first social media platform- which i was really suprised to find out- gives a better insight into the eagerness we use diffrent platforms for socializing.
    Regarding your question that if the liberty which the internet and diffrent platforms give, have led to a loss of control, I consider that it’s not true because governements have always had diffrent methods of letting people expressing their thought to smaller extent. For example if we go to the traditional forms of where peopel socialized or expressed their thoughts we can include newspapers, radio, theatre, books. Like i mentioned before in a smaller extent. The fact that peopel have a bigger liberty may in one way or anthoer help to the evolution of society and also giving govermnets a clearer in sight in to what concerns people.


  3. I find the comparison of the Internet to a playground very interesting. I like how you compared games and conversations of a playground to that of the Internet. I agree that the Internet is a form of a playground because people are able to freely express opinions, meet new people, and play games in a certain space. It becomes a virtual playground for a free voice and unlimited connections. To answer your last question, I think that the Internet and social media can help improve society and control it, whether it be negative or positive. The Internet is a place for freedom of expression; however, it is not a place free of privacy. The Internet is constantly controlled and monitored everyday. The words and actions online are saved, observed, and stored everyday in a software or system. Thus, the internet becomes a system of data monitoring behaviors, relationships, and actions. Because of this, society can still be controlled because companies, organizations, and the government can see what topics and behaviors are popular and occurring on the Internet. Therefore, society can be controlled because people can adjust their business or the laws in order to keep up with the Internet’s current trends and attitudes being expressed online.


  4. Hi! I think that whether society has lost the control through the use of the Internet or not is a debatable question. At some point it did, because people all over the world can express themselves in any way they wish and they can share almost any content over the Internet. From the other hand though, there are still some regulations exist that can restrict certain content to be exposed to the different audiences or may even be deleted. What do you think?


  5. I agree with the idea that the internet is similar to a playground however i also believe that it has given people a stronger power and more outlets to communicate more efficiently, like a playground it has its fun or the individual but it also seeks the needs for child predators and hackers. Therefore i believe that new revolution has lost its control to society by the power of corrupt individuals.


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