Where did the internet come from?

I was fascinated that the internet developed through Arpanet. An  early packet switching network that used the protocol suite TCP/IP, became the foundation for the world wide web. It provided the technical foundations for how the internet is set up today. The aim was solely to share scientific knowledge, through sending information as ‘packages’. It was created by the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency, who merely wanted to connect 4 University computers.

The launch of the first weblogs was as early as 1997, just after the first email services (Hotmail) became available. Blogs were created through an online forum software, that came from running conversation threads. The developments in web publishing, allowed ordinary users who weren’t experts at using HTML and FTP to create a blog nontheless. WordPress was first launched in 2003, becoming much more user friendly than previous sites for weblogs. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity, hosting more than 14 billion blogs today. We no longer need great technical skills, which used to be the main factor that limited people from using it. Today anyone who has access to the internet, can set up a blog easily within a few minutes.

I think it’s incredible how such a small network was able to expand for everyone to access the internet, within a few years. What if it had stayed a communication method, only for the sharing of scientific knowledge? Was it inevitable that the internet would become the largest network for sharing information and communication?


The history of the internet in a nutshell

Development of weblogs



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