What is the internet without a good browser?

The evolution of the internet and its uses I find most interesting, as I feel the overall concept and  its original use was from a political standpoint and the idea of its possibilities were not thought of. However over time its evolved to what it is today, none of that would of been made possible and so easily accessible if it wasn’t for browsing which is often overlooked.

The internet is literally the definition of evolve. Firefox browser is a prime example of that as it is opened sourced meaning that its open for improvements by budding IT developers as modifications and customisation is encouraged, Not only just to help the company but for its consumers like me and you.

That shows the internet can, will and should always be in motion of change. Throughout history its uses and purpose was for the government, then to make as much money money out of society and now firefox gives IT savvy individuals the opportunity to create apps and develop their skills while still forever changing to allow it to be better.

To me firefox has a good idea if you want something to be changed, change it yourself!

Below are just two YouTube videos briefly explaining and giving an insight into the history of the internet and the history of firefox.




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  1. I really like this blog post, I found the use of videos helpful as it backs up your idea of the evolution of the internet. I enjoyed reading how Firefox browser has dealt with and adapted in regards to the internet.

    The modification and customerisation of Firefox is a great technique to help consumers. We use the internet for so much and having this technique is helpful.


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