Where do you think the Internet will take us next?

The history of the internet, we don’t often think about the Internet in all it’s modern glory as having a past. But it is interesting to find out where it all started. As we know 1969 where it all really began with the likes of Arpanet, and by the 1975 Microsoft had been established and was being sold. So why wasn’t the internet truly for everyone until the 1990’s? Obviously we understand the rate of technological development has a part in this – no point in releasing something that didn’t work – but it was also down to price, something that expensive meant there was often only one computer per street. Which considering we each have a mini computer in our pockets seems ridiculous now.
Technology has come so far in such a small space, it makes you wonder where it will go next. What will seem like a distant and ridiculous past in another 30 years? And what is being developed that we don’t even know about? I know I’m excited for whatever the world of the Internet is going to throw at us next, and simply can’t wait for it.



  1. This is a well written post and raises some interesting points. You are correct in your opinion of the internet’s history as being something people don’t think about. I too was surprised to discover that governments, companies and people were involved in the internet’s development. The snowball effect that boosted the internet makes all the original building blocks seem primitive today, though they were essential for the advancements we now have achieved. Arpanet and Microsoft sure were crucial but I believe Email has played it’s part too. Nowadays nearly everyone is a user on some sort of online network such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and many more. Any activity you show goes through your email and links your computer to the internet. Showing emails importance in how we interact with others on a global scale. There are so many things that probably wouldn’t have been done today without it, in my opinion. As you stated, smartphones and tablets really are mini computers and their current advancements are too incredible. I don’t know what expect from future but from the fast advancements being made, it won’t be long until the smartphones too feel like primitive technology.


  2. I really like the fact that you have mentioned the history of the internet and how limited the access to it was in the past. Also, it does seem ridiculous the fact that we all have a pocket computer in modern days. I believe that there will be more innovation coming in the closest future, however many of them will probable not be vital or very useful for daily routines, however they will sure bring more entertainment to our lives.


  3. I read that from now and he year of 2025, a survey has shown that just over a thousand experts, that include futurists, analysts and technology builders indicate that the development of the Internet of things will have widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public.

    This link here mentions some things that could be invented between now and 2025, which is extremely interesting and frightening in a way.


  4. I found your blog post very interesting as mine was similar. I was very intrigued by the speed of which technology developed through the 90’s after the Internet was born and to present day. In the early 80’s, Microsoft computers were popular and the software has become more advanced since. Even in the 2000’s, I remember using Microsoft computers in primary school which was very basic in terms of its software and hardware.


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