The online world

Are we living in a society of surveillance due to the internet?

The internet was first used by scientists and the military, the main source for the military was surveillance. When the internet became mainstream, was it in fact just another way for society to be controlled and observed?

Growing up around the time of the social media phenomen I found myself giving private information to the internet. Facebook is a huge example for this.Facebook is a platform for connection all over the world. I first got Facebook when I was 12 years old, being a foolish youth I gave away all the sources I could be contacted by, e.g my email, my phone number, what school i went to, what town i live in etc. Therefore if anyone was to search my name on the internet they would gather all my information instantly.

We cannot delete anything that we post and therefore it can have negative effects on ourselves and our future. Even private messages on social networking are not private. (Check video link below).

Is there no privacy now because of the online world?

If we upload our lives does this mean self advertisement or invasion. Not only does the internet hold a huge amount of data of us as individuals but things like CCTV enable this invasion of our everyday lives. Is being so open helping our security or is it not allowing society to be independent and separate from this online world.

North Korea is a great example to battle this idea of an online world, Facebook has been banned and their internet is made up of around 30 websites. Ironically they have the smallest internet access in the world but they could be considered the most watched population.

As the internet progresses is privacy and surveillance a positive use or is it just a format to control the population?



  1. I really liked reading your post because it really does make you think about all the social networks. We don’t really tend to look at the bad sides if we enjoy using something and especially if it’s such a great platform for entertainment. The media says that Facebook is controlled by the government to tackle internet crime and terrorism but I think there is definitley more to that considering how much information there is out there.


  2. This post is really interesting post! We are all so paranoid about how much surveillance there is, especially online, and yet we all share our information anyway.
    I think we also we should question whether or not it’s the Internet that is a security and surveillance threat. The government have always had access to our information, this isn’t a new phenomenon. But why is it that we are only so worried now it can be accessed online?


  3. Yes this post is very true and i believe that many of us in our generation can relate to this,however i feel this is more due to use being that guinea pig experimental generation meaning that all lengths of security and faults that are online such as Facebook allowing personal details to be so accessible is due to that and there’s little we can now do about. Although that doesn’t meant through our mistakes we can not now educate the upcoming youth on how to be more sensible online.


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