Futurism – Building The Future Together

I found an online archive called ‘Futurism’ (http://futurism.com/networksociety/) which has a section on Network Society. ‘Futurism’ has 1,615,047 likes on Facebook and a daily email service. The Network Society section includes many articles that have videos and pictures attached to them to gain a better understanding on the subject.

On top of that there is a discussions section to the archive where a member can write a statement or question and other members can discuss ideas, which is really helpful for students to get involved and delve deeper within the topic.

Being someone who learns better from actively learning I find that the videos and discussions will really help students in this module because if they didn’t understand something that was mentioned in the lecture or weekly readings then they can come to ‘Futurism’ and find out more by watching videos and getting involved in discussions.

For example there is an article called ‘Happy Birthday, Websites. The World’s First Website Turns 25 Years-Old’ (as pictured the video content within the article) which we could of linked to the modules first Lecture ‘The Internet And Now’. The article will add to the students learning as it is something extra that they can refer to.

Throughout this module I will defiantly carry on looking at the content within this archive as I feel this will defiantly help students studying ‘Network Society and The Media’ and add to their learning.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 20.00.18.png



  1. I consider that this online resource is useful and also is relevant to this weeks blog topic. Being not only a resource but it also complements what we are taught at university giving us the mean to understand the information that is giving to us.
    I like how you related the online resource to your own needs and I also find videos and discussions helpful when I want to understand something much better or just hear or see other opinions.

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  2. I really liked your blog post on Futursim. I hadn’t heard of this online resource before but it seems to be similar to TED in some regards such as having engaging videos to follow and thanks to the articles and pictures that too can be viewed it does allow user to get better understandings on their subjects.

    I also liked how you explain Futurism’s popularity, backing your resource with it’s Facebook likes (now-1,715,600) daily email service. it does show that it is a good online resource to use.

    I also like how you have referred to the discussions section of Futurism which allows you to both view and place statements and questions. I too talked about this being a positive quality in my blog post as it allows the students to both get involved and learn in an engaged discussion. I like how you explained the impact this resource could have on you, stating that you’re an active learner and progress best with engagement such as the videos lessons and the discussions.
    I too find this to be a good way to learn. However, with myself the learning method can vary.

    I liked how you added an example and explained its link to the previous lectures for Network Society and the Media. this extra students extra learning on past topics if needed as well as the ability to debate on what they have learnt.

    This looks like a good resource to use when studying Network Society and the Media.

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