Social Media + Society

I believe, the online journal Social Media + Society is useful for the students in this module. First of all because of its content, its articles focus on social media and its impacts on our society. The issues the articles are about are quite relevant and are strongly connected to our studies, lectures. The other reason I chose to link you to this page is that it is reliable. It is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal so students can reference it when writing about a relevant topic.
To give you an idea of what an article of Social Media + Society is about I decided to summarise on I’ve read. The article written by José van Dijck, After Connectivity: The era of Connectication, is about the globalisation of the internet and why this is worrying some scholars. He argues, that the internet is now increasingly spreading between undeveloped parts of the world as well and this is facilitating that more countries are becoming a part of the commercial zones that are existing online. I believe, this is a very interesting and debatable statement.
Thus, the articles of Social Media + Society are engaging and helpful. I encourage every student in this module to have a look into it.


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