Instant mind map

In the journalism course we are constantly reminded that checking facts and looking at different media sources is crucial. Network Society and the Media is a broad module and I think I’ve got the right tool that will help your brainstorming sessions. You can thank me later.

While doing my research for this blog, I came across many different search engines, online journals and many other great innovative online tools. The one that really stood out and caught my attention was instaGrok.




instaGrok is a search engine that generates web related key facts, videos, images, articles and any other related content based on your query. Using only a keyword it draws a mind map and makes it extremely easy to use.

instaGrok is a perfect educational search engine that will make researching topics much easier. It is literally the simplest way to combine different media sources and opportunity to explore your chosen topic in more depth.

I would highly recommend to sign up and give a test run. I am sure this will be added to your tool base.




  1. Didn’t know about this website. Just checked and it’s veeeryyy nice and useful as well as fun to use and interesting. It also shows up fun facts about whatever you’re looking for. Thanks again. I hope everyone else will use it.


  2. I was intrigued after reading your blog post to check out ‘instaGrok’ because I enjoy making mind maps as I find it easier to plan and learn from. After checking it out I really like it and I find it very useful! I will defiantly be using it in the future with this module, its really good how it will link the word to a video, web page, facts etc so there is no reason not to learn about it because it gives you such a variety of different ways to.


  3. Wow! Very helpful! I’m just sad I didn’t know about this during the first semester!
    I’m going to get back to this link for sure. In my opinion, using this tool is especially helpful it when brainstorming about the main argument of a bigger essay. This link will help me come up with more creative ideas!


  4. Since you mentioned it to me in class and then after reading your post, I looked it up and I have to say I’m impressed. It works easily and in a flash you can make mind maps that can help any student with their studies. I am definitely using it for my upcoming projects.
    Hopefully more people will get to know it and use the platform.


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