The importance of YouTube

As a media passionate, media student and media consumer I think the best search engine is YouTube. I am a journalism student and I love reading blogs and watching vlogs. I am always on the lookout of new stuff, new thoughts, new experiences and YouTube gives me the opportunity to watch anything happening in the world. From a guy giving his thoughts on the elections in Myanmar from his car in Mulai to Taylor Swift singing to 20,000 people at the Staples Centre.


We live in a society where everything is fast, updated and online. YouTube is a book where you can express your opinion, a window where you can say hi to the world but where you can also learn a lot from. If you click on the hashtag PopularOnYouTube on its homepage you can basically update yourself on what’s happening in the world.
From a student point of you, YouTube can give you an outlook on other’s opinions and thoughts which is essential when doing an essay or a research for a project. It might be more useful than a book. I think that a person experiencing an extraordinary event and posting it up on YouTube can me more trustworthy and interesting than a chapter of a book. It’s alive, it’s interactive.

Watch this video. This is society now. This is what unusual people bacame with YouTube.

Thank you YouTube.
Anyone agrees?



  1. Yh, I totally agree and a big pro about YouTube is that anyone can use it as a resource.No matter what your studying it can be very useful and act as a really trustworthy/legit source of information.Like yourself, I am also always on the look out for new videos and content which can often inspire or have influence on various pieces of work I create.Not many sites often contain the same amount of access to information as YouTube.


  2. I definitely agree that YouTube has a huge influence and allows us to see the opinions of others, and I also think it’s a great news source. However I wouldn’t say that it is better than other search engines like Google, and I would also argue that there is far too much random junk on YouTube that serves no real purpose.


  3. I love that video! YouTube has changed so much over the past 10 years, that is mind blowing. Have you seen the first uploaded video there?

    I think YouTube is a very easy way to find or learn new things. Plenty of tutorials that shows you how to use certain programs (I took some ideas of how to be ‘funky’ with using Final Cut Pro) and even more tips/examples how to create something. I love that ideas shared within society are combined into one thing.

    On the topic about junk. You, me or anyone are media consumers. What is useful/funny/interesting to me, might be complete opposite to you. No one is forcing you to watch junk videos, we all (more or less) can choose what to consume.


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