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Above is a link to the online resource I found.
When looking for a suitable resource I really struggled to find one of academic importance or even relevancy. However I did find this site – Ericsson. Although this site is for a company I did find it still happened to have some useful information. I found it very useful for a recap or something to refresh your memory, or even to just look at something you didn’t quite understand before.
It clearly lays out different aspects of the Networked Society allowing the viewer to find exactly what they need. Clearly this isn’t an academic source and should not be used for referencing, it’s still useful for a basic idea.
The only thing I would say puts this link down on is the lack of a variety of information, there’s a lot of information on the subject of network society and this link only really seems to cover the basics, and only think of it from a business point of view. Something that is expected considering this is a site for a company – however the information stays the same, and can still help with facts and statistics.

Another aspect I really enjoyed were the slide shows at the bottom of the page for even more detail. I hope this online resource helps someone at let me know what you thought of this link.


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  1. It’s really interesting that you’ve suggested a website that belongs to a commercialised company. I had a look at the webpage and found it has loads of info on the network societies and actually helps to describe the concept in a really simple and clear way – it helped clarify things for me a lot! Good find, it’s nice to see how useful info can come for a range of different sources, even some unexpected ones. The only downfall of this being a commercialised site is that it only portrays the positives of networked societies; it doesn’t show any potential negatives to the new digital age, but that’s to be expected as its overall goal is to sell!


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