Advantages to SlideShare

I believe LinkedIn SlideShare is a useful resource for students studying this module. SlideShare is a web based slide hosting service. It allows internet users to both view and upload files publicly or privately on the formats, PowerPoint, Open document presentations, PDF or Keynote. The files are then available on the SlideShare website can be viewed on a variety of devices such as computers and with its app on smart phones and tablets, allowing easy handling for most users.

An advantage to this online resource is that it has a large amount of information on many different subjects and topics. This includes information on Network Society and the Media. As SlideShare has a diverse range of information users can view many different files on a topic and identify its key points. Also, different users and audiences can use SlideShare to understand information. Related files are available to the user for further research, allowing those studying merging subjects to find and gain information on related topics.

Another advantage to SlideShare is that statistics, reports, podcasts and video and audio materials can be viewed through the presentation. This allows the user access to further information in a variety different formats that could be useful for drawing other forms of data such as visual charts, tables and mind maps. Through the presentation users can also get access to links for sites that can give them more detailed information on a subject.

Despite many presentations appearing as professional lectures, an issue with SlideShare is recognizing scholars work as anyone can upload to the SlideShare website. However, an advantage to this issue is that users can like or comment on uploaded files stating their opinion and explaining the pros and cons of the presentation. This allows users to recognize useful presentations for themselves and choose stronger sources of information.

Overall I believe SlideShare is a great online resource that allows students to grasp key points of information. It has a diverse range of work from different people allowing the user to gain a larger picture on a subject. It also can lead to other forms of information such as links to help the user gain more detailed information. It is a good starting point for learning new subjects.


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