Are we utilising our resources?

Our library portal is a resource available to us in order for us to complete our readings. I imagine that this is the only use most students have for it, and it is probably that very few people read more than the essential reading or stray from the given list. This is such a shame because there are some fantastic resources in our library, thousands of books on the Internet and how society interacts with it.
As students we pay huge fees, and we should be making the most of the things available to us. Taking advantage of our library helps with essays and coursework obviously, but also helps to build a more well rounded knowledge of whichever subject you choose. This even applies across subjects, for example while I study Journalism I love books on sociology and fashion. The library allows me to gain more information on these subjects with some fantastic books and journals, contributing to my learning and make me more rounded as a person.
I think everyone should read more and take advantage of the books we have here in site.



  1. I agree with your post, the library resource is such a fantastic source for reading and finding different articles on. Every week I am one of the few people who take time to read a further reading and like you said it is a massive shame because some of the sources are great. Doing that extra reading really does help me with this module and I have seen a difference from when I just read the essential. We are paying for it so we might aswell use it!


  2. I can’t help but agree with this and bow my head in shame as I know I don’t utilise the library the core of knowledge to the best of it’s my ability. As well like you stated that it doesn’t have to be related to your course either it can be used for to to research other courses but all about using it for understanding and research.
    However I find the online library portal a bit of a pain to navigate and they don’t do a featured section with only new books or book outside of my course so I don’t feel encourage to read outside of my set reading list.


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