Different TED

You might have heard of TED before…perhaps from the American comedy where teddy bear-Ted is brought to life? But no, in this post I am not going to talk about the movie, but about the different TED, which is a global set of conferences.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Its mission is to spread ideas all over the world. This is a good and reliable source for getting general knowledge and inspiration. As the media students, we must generate the ideas and brainstorm and TED talks are food for thought. Each TED talk usually lasts for no more than 18 minutes. Even a single powerful talk at TED can make you more knowledgeable within some minutes. Just think about it.

The main website for TED is ted.com, where you can discover the talks on diversity of topics, search for the events that TED hosts and many more. Another thing  that is worth mentioning is TedEd, which is TED’s youth and education initiative. This is particularly interesting for the teachers and students around the globe. At ed.ted.com students can find original animated videos for different subjects. The subject suitable for our particular module is media and journalism. It involves topics like “how the false news can spread” or “the language of lying”. Go and explore them right now by just clicking here.




  1. I think that you choose a really good and useful online resource. After seeing this blog post I accessed the TED site and watched the animation about “how the false news can spread” as you suggested which was very helpful and interesting made in an interactive way.
    I also found other topics that interest me, so being able to have one site that combines what I need for uni with what I like was very useful.

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  2. I’ve heard of and listened to some TED talks before but never heard of TEDed so thanks for bringing that to my attention! There are some really great TED talks out there, made by some really inspirational people. I agree that they’re a good resource, in fact I think teachers should utilise them more in class cause they’re actually interesting to watch and listen to.

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  3. Hey, I’ve used TED before and I would say that your choice is great! I believe that it is very powerful tool because the information is reliable and interestingly given, simultaneously. When I watched the first video there I became more and more interested and I ended up watching it for a few hours. It’s super easy to learn from it!

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  4. I have also mentioned TED in my post, as it’s such an amazing platform to gain information and listen to such intellectual and inspirational people. You can even play it in the background while getting ready in the morning and start your day off productive.

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  5. Thank you for mentioning valuable online resources, especially TED Ed. I have never used it before but I think this site is very useful for me to learn media. Personally, I believe TED is one of the best online learning tools for people around the world because many videos are subtitled in various languages. My first language is not English but Japanese, so Japanese subtitles could often deepen my understanding of contents of TED talk.


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