Does social media bring us closer together or further apart?

This is a blog about a topic that we’ve aready discussed in a couple of seminars, so I hope you find it interesting. Aaaron Balick explores some of the key questions on whether social media is bringing us closer together, or further apart. There are also some more detailed posts on social networking, which he links to in his blogpost.

He describes facebook as something which is ‘tempting and seductive’. Undoubtedly that is true to some extent, and I personally do think that its easy to become addicted to facebook. But when do we reach that point? And will we recognise when things go to far?

Is it connecting with our friends that gives us these pleasaruble feelings whenever we get notifications or likes for the things we post?

Aaron writes ‘ we develop a persona with the unconscious intention that it be pleasing to others.’ But is that necessarily something negative?

The author points out, that despite privacy settings, we have to remember that facebook is a public space, where we show our ‘public faces’. Personally Im quite happy to share some information publicly, but certainly not everything. Where should we draw the line? Also do you think we are more carefree on other social networking sites?

Do you think that some people feel that how they appear on facebook somehow defines them? Is the facebook self an expression of who you are?


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