What has always been a very fascinating part of the Internet history for me was that after the creation of Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms people became more active and more involved in social issue. At least, that’s what the majority of us like to think. We believe we are able to criticize other people’s behavior, by tracking every step they make. However, we are doing this from the privacy of our own little homes, hidden behind the screen of the laptop, tablet, iPhone, etc. We believe that by clicking the Like, Share or Tweet button we would make a difference. We became part of a reality called ‘clicktivism’. As much as we like to believe that Social Platforms provide us with a freedom of expression, I would say they just make us ‘all talk, no action’. However, the worst part of this process is that we don’t realize that social media issues are the television of the 20th century – professionally managed manipulations over the masses. So, how wouldn’t I be amazed of the influence social platforms had on us, they created the illusion of freedom, while tying our hands to our electronic devises.


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