From Gutenberg to the Internet

Being a student involves a huge amount of suggested readings. For us Media students everything revolves around media spectrum, but this can be reductive as focusing only on this subject can narrow our point of view.

Media is a part of communication which is nothing else more than a cultural and social product so the key for our success is society understanding. We can achieve this point only if we know society development in order to predict future changes and understand changes that society went through its history.

This is why it is mandatory for us reading more and reading books not only about Media but to broaden our cultural interests in order to convey and appropriate, direct and effective message. This is why to me it is important to read to understand past social transformations.

The perfect and probably cheapest mean to achieve this aim is Project Gutenberg, a website which is the result of Michael Hart’s efforts consisting in trying to digitalise and distribute cultural works.

On this website it is possible to find almost every public domain book in EPUB, PDF and eBook format in English language so everyone can have the chance of broadening its horizons reading from Kant to Tolstoy.


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  1. I agree that it is important to read in order to understand and learn from our society’s past history so we can improve for the future. The transformation from print to digital for books, newspapers, and magazines allows people to obtain information instantly. I also love reading. I used to go to the bookstore and buy a variety of different books. However, now I can just go on my phone and read a variety of different books at the touch of a button. I think this allows people to stay up to date on current news but also able to obtain older books and learn about the past. I think this source is a great way for people to learn instantly from anywhere they are. It is easily accessible anywhere, so this source allows people to want to read and want to learn from the touch of a button. It is also less expensive than print, so people are more willing to broaden their horizons in news and literature when it is online.


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