Google Scholar -the search engine for students

I believe that being a student, especially a media one requires to use different websites to search information for example about an upcoming project and gain useful knowledge on a specific topic. Being a student also means that we have to use more and more academic sources which sometimes can be a bit hard to find.

That is why our beloved friend Google has developed a search engine called Google Scholar. It is a free search engine that combines various academic data including scholarly literature – books, journals, articles etc. With the functions that Google Scholar provides us we can easily locate an author, book even a keyword. As of 2014 it is supposed that there are over 160 million documents available.


From personal experience I can say that it is perfect and useful for more unexperienced people like a first year university student. It is easily understandable and reachable. As we already established we can search and find information for possibly every subject of interest we have and find useful reading material.

Though there are many more freely accessible search engines like CiteSeerX, Google Scholar has been established as the most used and spread search engine on the Internet. I definitely recommend it to other students who are having a hard time finding information for their academic essay.



  1. Google as a search engine is very good to use for pretty much anything but it can be hard to to search through the cast information to find a reliable source. That’s why I like google scholar because it’s so easily assessable it allows me to dump of the nonsense information and give me educational and trustworthy sites and sources.


  2. Actually there is a problem related to Google Scholar and consists in the statistical data usage. Usually Google Scholar shows the most used sources and does not provide international and not in English language sources, especially related to our Media subject, so this can be quite limiting. To me this Google service can be only a starting point.


  3. I agree that Google scholar is one of the best search engines for university students. However, I sometimes have difficulty in finding academic resources from Google scholar because some academic resources are not fully available.
    I am an international student from Japan and when I was in Japan, I used to use the web site called CiNii ( to find Japanese academic essays. Whereas Google scholar provides us with 160 million documents, there are only 19 million essays data on CiNii. But I think this site is still very useful for Japanese university students because most of essays are written in Japanese.


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