Mashable – The Twitter Handle for the connected generation

An online source I think is valuable for the students taking this module is the twitter handle @Mashable. Their twitter biography states: “News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation. Tweets by staff.”  I think Mashable is a great Twitter user to follow on your newsfeed because their tweets constantly keep you up to date on the latest news in social media, technology, and Internet pop culture. While working as a social media producer in Los Angeles for the past year, one of my daily tasks was to check the latest tweets from Mashable in order to stay up to date with the latest technological and social media news.  The way they describe themselves at a source for the “connected generation” shows how Mashable is an important online resource for students taking this module about “Network Society.” The connected generation is a network society where people constantly form digital and social connections on technological and digital media platforms.

Mashable tweets about latest social media news, such as the newest Twitter Timeline affecting advertising and brands from different companies, shown here: LINK TO TWEET

Mashable tweets and connects people to articles about the latest social media news. Through the link above, people can stay connected to what is happening with the Internet, such as current changes and improvements. This is important for our module because students can learn new things about how the Internet and social media platforms are developing daily to keep up with current trends in our world today. Mashable also tweets about fun technological information. For example, they recently tweeted about how you can make Siri, the automated voice on the iPhone, beatbox back to you. (LINK HERE). This is an example of cultural convergence because Mashable is interacting with cultural content and commenting on technological advances, thus sharing it with different audiences so they can also interact with the content.

I believe Mashable is an informative yet fun Twitter handle to follow and read on a daily basis for Network and Society module students. It helps me stay up to date on the latest technology and Internet trends.

Here is the link to their twitter handle: @Mashable



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