Old films

I feel that SNAGFILMS (http://www.snagfilms.com/movies/classic_movies) and Black and white movies (http://www.bnwmovies.com/) are really useful resources. They are both websites which have old movies on them. Although the films are fictional it gives us an example of how people interacted before social media and as this module is called network, society and the media we should have an idea of how networks are shaping and changing the way we as a society communicate together. Films are stories and of course made up, however most genres, excluding science fiction are a reflection of society. In the way that, from many films we gain knowledge that New York is really busy and crowded. For those who have never been there but have this knowledge, most of us have learnt it from dramas. In that way, when watching a film, although we are being told a story, the film gives us information on that time period and the location. And so we cannot truly understand the effect the internet has had on us if we don’t have something to compare it to. When watching old films, we can compare the way the characters communicate in that time period to the way we live and communicate now. In that way we gain a better understanding of the effect of the internet.



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