Social Networking Globally


One thing that’s always been of importance to media is its ability to reach a large group of people with information that an audience wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Media allows news, photos, websites, etc. to transcend borders and allow people to be connected on a global scale. A blog called Vincosblog made a blog post back in August 2015 where they created their own map of the world highlighting which social media network was the most popular for each country. This map shows Facebook as the lead social network in terms of being the most prevalent. The blog then went on to make a second map that shows which networks would be most prevalent if Facebook hadn’t been created. The runner-up was, not surprisingly, Instagram.

What the second map also goes to show is that many countries in Latin America and Africa, without Facebook, would have none of the other social media networks mentioned. This brings into question how Facebook has become so global, while other networks have not. What does this mean for those countries? How will this social media network change over the coming years? It’s also interesting to see different networks that are prevalent in other parts of the world, such as V Kontakte in Russia, which I myself have never even heard of. This shows how developments in other parts of the world may be obsolete for some, but are serving the same purpose in social networking for those in that region.


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  1. I think it’s a really interesting idea that social media can work as a resource for work and research. I think Twitter is quite big here in the UK, especially for media professionals so it’s amazing that Facebook has such a huge audience. That surprised me because I did think Twitter would have a larger influence than it does.


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