What I find extremely helpful and very relevant to my studies and interests, and I believe yours too, is a website called The reason I chose this website over other different and intriguing LinkedIn profiles, websites, YouTube channels or blogs is because I have personally found a huge diversity of helpful materials such as statistics, studies, reports, etc. This particular part is an enormous plus, because we all know that students often tend to have difficulties with finding respectable sources for valuable information. What is more, this information is always relevant and recent.

Another very important thing is that, the website is also active on different social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS. However, if you Like or Follow them you would see that their posts are always concerning recent and important events, which transforms the website into an information center, similar to BBC, The Guardian or The Independent, for instance. Thus, they are reaching different groups of people, making them interested and familiar with their activity and definitely succeed.



  1. Hey! You found a great source for us to use in our studies. Statistics and facts are very important to use when writing an essay for example and this site provides a lot of the ones that can relate to our module. The site also seems to be user friendly and reliable! Good choice Bobbi 🙂


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