The Webs


The internet has advanced lots since it was first created in the early 90’s with lots of new software and hardware being created. The terms Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 were formed, almost like stages of the internet and its developments.

Web 1.0 knowns are the first stage of the internet and was mostly made up of static webpages. Cormode, G. and Krishnamurthy, B. (2008), described users at the time of Web 1.0 as “consumers of content. In 1996, only 250,000 sites existed- Yahoo was one of the most popular sites at the time along with the search engine, Netscape.

In 2006, Web 2.0 was born with more than 80,000,000 sites and many advancements of the internet which now a place of “collective intelligence” as more users were publishing content. This term was made popular by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty where they described Web 2.0 as a “virtual community” that interacted with each other on social media like Facebook, MSN messenger etc.

Around this time Web 3.0, present day with over 800,000,000 + sites was discovered as convergence is now key. Not only do we create content, we share across all platforms and devices with the whole world as our audience. The internet has had a few upgrades as well, as it’s smarter. For example, you search for “Hotels in Paris” on Google and after head to Facebook or any other website that contains adverts, it will be showing you offers for hotels in paris in the advertisement. The internet has customised it for you.

In conclusion, there have been lots of improvements and advancements with the internet which have brought many great achievements. However, with the internet being more intelligent than it ever has, how do you feel about our information being used to “customise our experience”, is it a good or bad thing?


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