YouTube the source of education

Being a TV media student you constantly have to know what new content is being put out

there, is it original?YouTube-Education (2), and what’s good about it that I may recreate the ideas from it. Using YouTube as a source I can use watch as many videos as I like for free and use the videos as an example and inspiration of how I would like certain shots or ideas to be recreated.

However, that’s not the only reason why i think YouTube is a good source for education.

YouTube helps to convey ideas more efficiently as sometimes learning by using books as a resource you can miss vital information and it can be hard to dissect the vast amount of information. For example when we were studying The history of the internet I found that hard to break down and fully understand because we all learn and absorb information differently. However using YouTube allowed me to search through the many videos where your never short of options  and understand it in a more graphic and engaging way.




  1. Hey, I am a PR and Advertising student and I would say that I find YouTube very helpful, too. I managed to see many of the Super Bawl commercials and they really inspired me and helped me to come up with fresh ideas. There is such a great diversity!


  2. I agree that YouTube is a great online source for information and a great way to learn in an engaging, visual way. I work as a social media producer at a production company, and everyday I am required to search on YouTube for the latest Internet and music news. YouTube allows me to search through an endless variety of videos. I can watch the latest music videos and interviews in order to know more about the music scene at the moment so that I can post it on social media. However, I also agree that YouTube is a great academic source to learn information in a new, visual way. There are endless videos are How To’s and tutorials. Also, YouTube allows anyone to post videos or watch videos for free, so it offers a variety of different of perspectives. I think YouTube is a great source to spread culture to a variety of different audiences.


  3. I really like how you have written your post and yes, I think we will all agree that YouTube is the best way to get information about anything. it is useful because it engages as with both visual and audio so that we easily interpret what we learn. I love it not only because it is my primary source for music, but also the thousands of examples and explanations on different matters.


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