From paper to phones

For this week’s blog post topic, examples of convergence, I decided to concentrate on technological convergence and how it has influenced our society but also linking it to the media.

Technological convergence is when information – such as words, images, and sounds – are digitized, thus allowing the information to flow across differing technological platforms. Technological convergence and also its evolution has allowed us to have a larger quantity of information on a single device or a platform.

When speaking about technological convergence we can talk about the different platforms it has developed, that have replaced the traditional ones. For example, before the only place we could see movies were cinemas now we have multiple different streaming sites or applications that allow us to view movies or tv series form home and some even for free.

Another component is the devices that have been developed and that are continually reinventing themselves so they can bring more technological aspects together. For example, the iPhone, which most of us use, lets us access different social media sites, information, and news while in the same time it has a camera and it is a telephone too.

Technological convergence has affected the media through the fact that people do not consume the traditional platforms as much as they used them before, everything being available on a phone. Through this we have seen how newspapers and radios are shifting towards the online medium, creating apps and being more involved on the different social media pages.

In conclusion I think that technological convergence is an important factor that has helped the evolution of the society and making things more practical and has pushed the process of evolution in the media.

An example of a newspaper that also has a website and an app is The guardian.


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