Glimpse Of The Future

One of the many examples of convergence is BBC Iplayer. It is an Internet catch up service that launched in December 2007. This service is available on a variety of devices such as computers, smart televisions, mobiles and tablets.

BBC Iplayer converges BBC visual and audio services so that we are able to watch television programmes and listen to the radio shows. At the beginning television programmes were only available for 7 days after they were broadcast however due to public demand, the majority are now available for 30 days. Radio programmes are still only accessible for 7 days so if you missed Charlie Sloth’s latest Fire In The Booth on BBC Radio 1Xtra (which is a good choice), you only have the next week to catch up on it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.57.00.png

At any time you can have access to over 2000 hours of television and radio content. BBC Iplayer is a non-commercial service that is universally accessed so even though the BBC is only available on television in the UK with a license fee, anyone in the world can catch up on this service for free. It is estimated that “65 million people outside the UK use BBC Iplayer” (BBC, 2015).

Due to the service, there is a massive implication on the media – the question everyone keeps talking about: Is old media diminishing? Will people watch the TV anymore or will they just wait to watch it on BBC Iplayer at a time more suitable for them. Also a social implication on the audience could be that it is causing them to be less social due to sitting and watching this service on their devices. The last implication to mention is the competition for audience attention, BBC Iplayer have to keep upping their game for the attention, will it last?

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