Apple, apple, apple

You might think I am boring or I have nothing better to do in my life rather than being obsessed with iPhones and Apple products in general, but let’s be honest. Hasn’t Apple changed everyone’s life by simplifying every aspect of our usage of a laptop or mobile phone?
Apple is the only brand, in my opinion that has got the power to make everyone use its products. We create number 1 hits with Apple products as well as the biggest movies ever made in the history of the cinema. It’s the easiest and fastest system as well as the most specialized and complicated to use. Apple is probably the biggest converge ever created by the human being. Amongst the million things you can do with an Apple product, what I would call a sub-converge, we find Apple Music, the new service where artists can stream their music worldwide. It’s the most updated music service ever created, probably more than Spotify.

Is Apple only about devices? What about the iTunes Festival? Apple created in London the smallest yet biggest festival where the biggest artists of the music scene play.

Can anyone find me a bigger convergence than Apple? I challenge you.


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  1. I agree that Apple has changed the way we work and the way we access the world. And while I love my phone and IPad, I must say I personally really can’t stand Macs. I find Windows easier to use and more efficient, so I would certainly say that Apple still has competition.


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