Game Consoles


As the name simply is ‘game console’, you wouldn’t expect it to be used for anything else other than gaming. It’s not surprising anymore why the obsession with PlayStation or Xbox has been growing over the years, as it’s not just about inserting the disc of your favourite game and serving its purpose of gaming. The users can connect to the internet and play with people all around the world.

Nowadays, game consoles are considered home entertainment systems, as they are capable of playing DVD and audio. In addition to that you can browse the internet and receive digital television. The convergence of game consoles embedded the product as a central home entertainment as the users can play a range of different types of media.

The game consoles have definitely opened the market, as a person wanting to buy a blue-ray player might get PlayStation instead as it serves more than just one purpose.

It’s also really weird to think about the fact that most of the time, game consoles are not in bedrooms anymore. They are placed in the living room for the use of the whole family. Those consoles are a family possession and encourage families to invest in family games.


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