Kardashians Parody


This video is an example of ‘cultural convergence’. Someone who would have previously just been an audience member has made a parody of the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, therefore the ‘audience’ has become the ‘user’. By appropriating this popular reality TV show they are making a commentary, and then recirculating the content by posting it on YouTube, which then made its way to Facebook and so on. This kind of convergence has many implications on the users or original content creators, as well as the audiences. Looking at this example, the original users (the Kardashians themselves) are still associated with this video as it is appropriating their original work, however they had no input into this video’s creation. It promotes a particular persona of the Kardashians that they have not been able to curate or control, yet may still be associated with them by the audience that watch this parody. The original users are thus permanently affected by the audience’s ability to appropriate their work. They must focus more on how they initially portray themselves to avoid negative scrutiny in a very public and critical online media world. Cultural convergence places a lot of power in the hands of the audience, in a way that audience members never had before. They would view things in a new light with the knowledge that they are able to publicly make a commentary on what they see and get support and circulation through online media platforms.


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