When social media reports faster than the journalists

Twitter is a social networking website that brings people together from all over the world. It was launched only 10 years ago and since then gained hundreds of millions users.

Social media is now working alongside reporters. More often than not, reporters are breaking news on twitter as the social factor allows these stories to spread rapidly. People can share relevant stories that come across one particular hashtag.

I think Twitter is the perfect example of media convergence. It is a place where society comes together and speaks out their mind. Most trending topics can cause, so called, Twitter storms, that break the news on certain occasions. Many media outlets also use conversations on twitter as a basis of their headlines.

Stories like the Royal Wedding announcement (2010), Woolwich murder (2013) or the Osama Bin Laden raid (2011) were broken on Twitter. Posts about the Earthquake in Beijing (2008) were trending on Twitter before any media outlets had a chance to report it.

According to Amy Bell “Twitter is already a far more effective tool for reporting, discovery, dissemination and collaboration than anything the BBC will ever produce.”

Any thoughts?

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  1. I’ve also read stories on Facebook before they were published on the news. On social media, whoever is experiencing an event can comment on it. Whereas for the news, things need to be confirmed many times, editors need to be contacted and other processes. So it’s really useful that we are able to know what goes on quickly by social media.


  2. I agree that Twitter is a great example of convergence, it has many uses such as collecting news, socialising and voicing your opinions. It is such an easy platform that is fast as everyone is constantly refreshing their feeds which is what we need to keep up in the media industry today. Even if you do not follow someone but they retweet a piece of news you are learning something that you would not of known because people are constantly sharing information with each other.

    It gives you a voice as you can comment on anything you like and discuss views with other people however the downside of it is that it can cause some arguments or ‘Twitter beef’. Your right in saying that major news stories have been broke on Twitter first as this is the future I reckon for breaking news.


  3. I believe that Twitter is good for reporting the news instantly when something has just happened, it is “on the spot” and convenient way to let everyone else know about it. However, the struggle here is that even though tweeting is faster, it may not always be accurate…The journalists are more responsible when releasing an article for example, it is their duty. But the users of Twitter can share almost anything they want, so the “news” that they create are not always reliable.


  4. I agree that Twitter is the one of the powerful examples of convergence. Twitter can spread information more quickly than traditional media organisations such as BBC. I think one of the reasons why Twitter could spread information so quickly might depend on social contexts which each coutries have faced.


  5. Great examples used for Twitter. I agree with how strong social media has become in our society. Allowing us as users/the audience to create our own content and promote self advertisement. Twitter has other great uses, like the exclusivity of informing others and I personally use twitter to find out current news and live updates.


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