Chronicles of convergence: The book, the film and the wardrobe

Cultural Convergence is a major part of the media industry commonly used over a number of platforms, including film and TV. The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch, the wardrobe is a classic example of cultural convergence. It first started as a book and then was developed into films, musicals, sound tracks on CDs  and now is promoted into the toy industry with various action figures tailored to children.

Not only has it spread to a number of different media platforms it has also spread through language, the novels have sold over a 100 million copies in 47 languages. The book has converted into a number of platforms, including a very own website dedicated to the book which includes ‘news and extras’ and even ‘events’ circulating Narnia. Other websites have been created focusing on Narnia, for example clothing and toy companies selling products referring to the books and the films.

Klaus Bruhn Jensen described convergence as “a historically open ended migration of communicative practices across diverse material technologies and social institutions”. The Chronicles of Narnia book has migrated to various other platforms and expanded their audience following by doing so.

This is a great example of cultural convergence and really shows how much convergence can have an effect on the business element of it. Cultural convergence of a book creates a huge line of income into the product and helps boost the audience to get more interactive and involved in the idea behind the product.



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  1. I really enjoyed your post about cultural convergence as well as your example on the Narnia Series. As you stated, cultural convergence involves the audience becoming the user and how media technology allows audiences to archive, annotate, appropriate, and recirculate content. The Narnia Series fits this category well. Similarly to other popular media forums such as The Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games to which too developed in similar ways. Their primary form being books and becoming films, CD’s and other forms of content.

    Your example goes into a good amount of depth on the development of The Narnia Series and its link to Cultural Convergence. I liked how you discussed the more overlooked platforms such as costumes and toys that companies created and sell based on a book, film product.

    Klaus Bruhn Jensen Convergence quote about how old media is migrating across different technologies and social institutions. Is a strong saying and runs well with The Chronicles of Narnia covergence as it does cross old, new and different media forms.


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