Convergence is even economic


Most of Media students relate convergence only to Media as it is the first step of a big change (and is what mostly we focus on) but there are economic effects related to it.

An interesting Media convergence output is its following development as companies tend to make profit, hopefully for them, and this is for sure a new lucrative field in which invest money. This is the reason why companies such as Facebook or Microsoft have bought Whatsapp or Swiftkey creating an economic convergence status.

These huge corporations are exploiting the massive data amount we produce every day and they are selling it to other companies. The most efficient way to collect sneakily this amount of information and preferences is through leisure and communication apps, as they are tools we use in our everyday life to communicate with our family and friends.

This phenomenon is a direct Media convergence result and companies swallow data (and, personally, privacy)  then trade them as this the Independent article clearly states.

Media convergence has had and still has positive effects as we are able to communicate cheaply and we have the chance to find information in a faster way, but can companies exploit it and sell what is one of the most important parts of life, our private sphere?


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  1. I would definitely agree that media convergence has positive effects on society as you mentioned that it has created various ways of communication with others around the world, however you could also argue that it has had a negative effective on society as some may say it has replace the natural form of communication which you can also argue that it has effected how families communicate or how much they communicate less due to the replacement of Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat etc.


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