Digital convergence

In the media landscape, Convergence has brought together computing, communication and content. It can be considered a result of the increased popularity of the internet, as well as the widely available media content. We are able to view everything through multiple devices, from our phones, laptops or tablets – wherever we are. We can skype across the world, watch films, make internet phonecalls, listen to music and film videos in high definition quality, with ease on our smartphone. This makes our life much easier, more convenient and perhaps more enjoyable. Convergence allows us to communicate faster, to do things more efficiently and to be constantly engaging in several things at the same time. However, I do think, that the consequence of this is, that we are always dividing our attention. It’s almost as though we are having to learn again how to focus on one thing. It no longer comes natural to us, and moreover, is not something most of us want to do. Because its easy to get the feeling that your missing out on something.

Convergence has already hugely transformed and influenced the media industry, but this will increase to an extent, that we can’t possibly predict exactly. Will it mean, that only a few successful media organisations can survive in the future? Will social media platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram remain popular for many years? I think that Apps have contributed hugely to the success of digital convergence on mobile phones, but perhaps something even more convenient, will replace them in the future. Personally I feel that convergence makes it much easier to personalise the content that we want to see. This is great in many respects, but it places a lot of pressure on media companies to survive. A result of this could be that there will be fewer original formats, because content has to be shareable and receive as many ‘likes’ as possible.

Digital Convergence

media convergence



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