From Shelves to Screen

In the 21st century the biggest convergence we see are novels in my opinion. Novels from various authors from Charles Dickens to Stephanie Meyer have made their ways to the screen. We see TV series, films and even cartoons which are based on books. This convergence is very important as one implication is that the audience members increase, when someone watches a film they really enjoy if its adapted from a book there’s a high chance they’ll read the book as well and vice versa, if someone really enjoyed a book and it was adapted for the screen there is a high chance they’ll watch it. Therefore we see the same content but in a different form. However, there is also a recurring damaging notion that ‘I already watched the film, why should I read the book’ which some people say. As the film is generally shorter than the book, some choose to watch for example Oliver Twist but will never read the book. I think this is really disadvantageous, as many of the information in the book is not in the film also reading the book will almost always give you a wider vocabulary. If most popular films continue to be based on books, will we see a decrease in numbers of people reading books? I think yes.



  1. I also wrote my post on books and films. I agree that more people turn to the film and forget the book, which is a terrible shame. I liked that you mentioned the vocabulary you can gain from reading. I think that most people also find their writing improves when they read a lot of books.

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  2. I believe that if one wants to read the book they would read it. If one wants to watch the movie they would. What influences people is the reading culture they have been given in their early ages, not the development of the movie production. I admit that I have not read many ‘story telling’ books, I prefer to watch the movies, but that doesn’t mean that if there wasn’t a movie I would read the book. I would probably just continue reading the books I am interested in. So, I would say that we have been given a choice and it’s completely up to us what we are going to chose.


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