Harry Potter in the Muggle world!!


If any of you are on social media you may find every once in a while something Harry potter related pop up on your new feed, such as an statement made by J.K Rowling or a GIF related to the film. The main reason for this is because harry potter is part of the cultural convergences category meaning that the audience find a way to keep the topic or product alive by creating their own material based on the original format.

Pottermania is the term used to describe the Harry Potter fans, but what does it mean to be apart of one of the biggest cultural convergences?

The reason for the harry potter franchise success is because of the fans that keep the fictional harry potter world alive. How? by creating fan-fiction (fan made book adaption of original the book), creating fan sites with forums so that they can communicate with other fellow Potter fans, conventions such as leaky con and role playing games.The list is endless. Another reason for the massive fandom is to make the fictional come alive as well as making sure that the fans have somewhere and something to express their passion and their faithfulness towards the franchise which they have as a generation been brought up by.

This is further developed and encouraged by company’s such as Universal studios, creating video games, stationary, trivia games such as monopoly and the Harry Potter world that looks exactly like the movie to further encourage the culture and of course to further create and sustain money for themselves.

Overall, The Harry Potter culture is all about making the fiction come alive as well as making sure it never dies out.

Additional information about the Potter generation



  1. I think Harry Potter is a perfect example of convergence, especially since it’s one that’s been able to converge all around the world. I remember how upset everyone seemed when the final film came out, because it was assumed that it was the “end” and there would be nothing new to look forward to happening. Now we have the promise of an 8th book in the summer, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios to visit, and of course the Warner Bros. Studio Tour just outside London. It’s really amazing to see how much this fictional world has managed to converge with reality in quite a small span of time.


  2. I would definitely say the use of convergence helped the success of the brand Harry Potter, and has definitely kept it relevant from the different Harry Potter books to the various Harry Potter movies that has come out. This has definitely contributed to the amount of money it has made how it has kept relevant.


  3. I didn’t even think about the fact that fans are keeping Harry Potter “alive”.At first, I wasn’t sure whether this is an example of cultural convergence or not, however after looking at the definition again I started thinking…It does feel like Harry Potter mania, the fans, the people who like Harry Potter, who reminds them of childhood for example, create the cultural convergence through their social interaction online for instance. They can come from all different cultures and create their own “united culture”. This audience now can create a content by themselves to keep their “hero” alive and this is where the convergence appears.


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