Television and Internet

As a foreign student, studying PR and Advertising, I found it a bit difficult when I first came to London, as I didn’t have television or Internet and I didn’t know which newspapers to buy, in order to keep up with the news. However, after a while I managed to get myself a Wi-Fi and learn more about the newspapers, but never signed up a television contract. Why? The answer is because I am watching television, but through my laptop, without paying a penny for it. Yes, for those of you who don’t have a TV yet, you can do that! I find this convergence of television and Internet, to be the most useful for me, as a foreign student, as I cannot afford to buy a TV and to pay for television. – this is the magical place I watch the news every morning before going to university, or in case I miss something (like the Andrew Marr show, which according to our tutor, every self-respectful PR student should watch!!!) I just go here I hope this information was helpful for all of you who feel as lost, as I did!



  1. I found this post rather interesting, as I study TV production. I myself do agree with the benefits of using a laptop or equivalent device to stream TV programmes, its easily accessible, free, and the variety is endless.
    However, the difference between online shows such as orange is the new black and shows on traditional TV like Eastender they are regulated on TV however the internet has no boundaries so rating are not applicable.
    Young children and the future generation, are second nature to using the internet now and if all programs get transmitted and made for the internet, there will be no way to monitor violence and offensive situations online. as well as what online stays online.
    So therefore I believe that TV is not the best technological convergence for that reason.


  2. I have been in UK for almost 4 years now and not even considering getting a TV. While living alone, it was absolutely unnecessary thing because everything is online. Just quicker and easier to reach out for. And there is such a great thing as adblock!


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