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Social or organic convergence is defined as consumers’ multitasking strategies for navigating the new information environment. In simple words, we- users multitask by using different media at once to better adapt to this rapidly changing environment that we are living in today. Texting your friend while watching a movie and taking a snap of your cozy evening at home all at the same time, is this multitasking familiar to you? We are trying to stay up to date with what is going on around us, but also keeping everyone else informed with our lives. This is a reality of our generation as the result of the media convergence.

Although, we are out and about through socializing, which seems to be great, there are also some implications. The addiction to posting, tweeting, sharing is one of them.This video has helped me to look at our addiction from a different perspective. The problem seems to be in the attention that our generation is lacking. We are sharing the photos from parties, or the gifts that we receive to get some kind of response from the public, in the form of the likes or comments e.g “ you look beautiful!”. Such attention makes us feel a little better about ourselves. We start feeling like someone cares about us, so we continue sharing. Perhaps, we don’t get much attention from our close ones, therefore social networking helps to get what we are lacking. Would you agree that the lack of attention and desire to feel needed are the reasons to social media addiction ?


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  1. Thanks for linking to that video! I listen to Marc Maron’s podcast and he often has a lot of really good and insightful ideas, so it doesn’t surprise me that such a poignant statement about social media use was made by him. The video is extremely eerie and discomforting, which I know was probably the narrator/animator’s goal.

    I’m not sure if everyone uses social media for the same reason – to receive attention and validation from others – but it is certainly a compelling argument. I’m on exchange this semester, away from my family and friends back home, and I’ve noticed that I have been using social media more often now than I ever did before I left home. Could the two things be connected? Am I using social media more now because I feel a loss of immediate connection with my loved ones? Possibly!

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