Art awareness and participation


Audience participation in media is not only bond to social networks. There can be loads of other ways to exploit this audience participation not only in a social way, but even in a cultural and artistic one.

Involving the audience in performances trough the Internet can lead to undiscovered scenarios and new moral questions can arise.

As an example of this new artistic participation I can mention Dries Verhoeven’s controversial public art piece “Wanna play?” performed in Berlin during 2014. The artist was sitting in a cube on which his Grindr (online gay and bi dating app) messages were shown.

This is the reason why audience participation is important in this art piece as this displayed conversation can only be born from two people’s interaction. This was to show how gay people can live separately an everyday life and a polar opposed “gay dating app” life revealing this dichotomy.

The ethical problem that was born from this artistic experience consists in the awareness of people participating in this art project as people chatting with Dries were not aware of his project damaging their privacy. The question that arises from this experience is if should be people aware of these projects even if this participation awareness can impair the piece immediacy and verity?


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