Graham Norton


In the Graham Norton show, although the guests are a large part of it, I would argue that the audience are also very significant. Often, the guests react to the audience laughter and groans and this prompts them to exaggerate what they are saying further. Also, in some episodes Graham gets the audience to say personal things about their lives in order for the guests to be shocked. In one episode will smith sang the ‘fresh prince of bel air’ song with the audience singing along. In addition, one of the things the show does is the red chair. Someone sits in the red chair and tells a funny story. If it isn’t funny, they get thrown of the chair. Often, to measure whether the stories are funny or not, it depends on how much of the audience are laughing. The red chair wouldn’t really work without the audience. Also, sometimes a game is played where the guests guess which audience members are married and which are not. Something which many people have viewed was when, Jennifer Aniston came on the show and was shocked when he audience did the clapping that is in the theme tune of F.R.IE.N.D.S. Without the audience participation the show wouldn’t be as popular as it is or as entertaining



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  1. This is such a good example of audience participation! I never thought about the show in this way but you are completely right. I watch this TV Show when I can and it is a very interactive chat show. I never thought about the red chair feature being audience based. There’s not to many shows like this around where a lot of the content is audience participation which I thinks works well, it would be nice to see more like this.

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