Hit or Miss! 

  The singer takes it all first aired in the summer of 2014, and took on the challenge or competing for ratings against the shiny show of them all X factor. Although it didn’t make it to a second series it is how’re a perfect example of audience participation. 

The programme format and concept is several hopeful singing on a moving conveyer belt in the hope of the audience(via a interactive app) putting them in the golden zone, so that they win money and the crown of glory.  

I personally loved the show, I was in the comfort of my home acting as if I was Simon Cowell and fighting with my sister that she had made a bad decision voting ‘no’ for the contestant during the advert breaks. 

Overall the idea or audience participation is an important aspect of media as it encourages more people to jump in and get involved and gives the audience a sense of opinion but it can be hard to keep the interaction sustained and hence can be very hard to get right which was clearly proven by The singer takes it all.  



  1. This is a good blog post. It’s good to see that you went for an entertainment show. I’ve never heard of this ‘The singer takes it all’ and had no idea it was competing against The X Factor. However I understand that it work similarly to its competitor. Its audience participates by voting the competitors who they believe are best and therefore plays a major role in how the show develops. The audience are the judges and the singer are the candidates.

    I too agree that audience participation allows viewers to greatly engage with the show.


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