Interactive audiences through TV

TV has developed along side the online world, now even allowing audiences to become interactive in the show. For example, talent shows like X-factor and The Voice allow audiences to go from fans to consumers.

Voting via apps and websites helps make the audience feel more connected and enable them to have a role in the show (e.g which contestant gets voted out each week).   x-factor-voting.jpg

Voting on a range of platforms makes it more accessible for audiences to get involved. This not only helps to engage the audience but also allows them to share, comment and even promote the program. Gunner Harboe describes this as ‘social television’ where by  TV programmes like X-factor and The Voice are “drawing people into a shared experience”.

Allowing audiences to be more interactive and comment their own opinion is a great technique to help promote a program. I personally have used an app as a voting system and i think its a great way to make the audience more involved by shaping the outcome and allow the connection between creator and audience not so far fetched.





  1. X Factor has come up with many other ways to get their audience involved. For about a year two they got people calling in through phone or Skype to ask the judges question. Also on Xtra factor use to select a certain amount of tweets to read out which got more people to want to tweet about the show for it to recognised. Using this strategy benefits the show because it’ll get more of their audience to want to tweet about it. Which is basically promoting the show and result in getting others to tune in to the show.


  2. I agree, nowadays most talent shows use social media to get the audience more involved, and the X factor is the rime example because they do it so well. However i wouldn’t necessarily say they turn the audience into consumers and i would say its more lenient towards allowing maximum attention and popularity towards the program. Mainly because its all free for the audience and in turn they get more popularity for you sharing something.


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